Tap for Leg (All Styles)




  • Works with Standard Leg, Longer Leg or Double-Handled Leg
  • Overall length 3 7/8"
  • Squared part of Splined Tap measures 1 13/16"  (the part that goes into the leg)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have the ability to customize the Lagun Table Leg System beyond our current options.  We also do not have any variations of any of the accessories listed on our website.  Should you choose to modify any part of the Lagun Table Leg System or its installation, it will void your warranty.

The original tap is pressed in by machine at the factory & isn't the easiest part to replace by hand.  We strongly encourage purchasing a new leg with tap already installed.  See links below for purchase:

Replacing the tap by hand is not the easiest task and some tools (not included) are required, such as hammer, vice grip, ready rod, etc.  Here are some tips:

  1. Remove handle & bolt.
  2. Use ready rod or something similar to insert into the open end of the leg to pound the leg tap out.
  3. When inserting the new tap, use a piece of wood (with a hole drilled in it for the tap to fit in) to support around the tap to pound the tap back in. (The tap itself should not be hammered on, as it would most likely bend it.  This will be a snug fit and the outer edge of the tap may shred a bit.)
  4. Re-install handle & bolt.

CAUTION!!  The "Original Lagun" parts are NOT compatible with the knockoff systems.  

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