Standard Leg with Standard Bracket – Black Color


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-Shades/Hues may vary due to black anodized process.  Same function, dimensions & weight capacity for either color choice.

-Bolts included are Silver color

-Not Available in Double Handled Leg or Longer Leg 


Customization: We do not have the ability to customize the Lagun Table Leg System beyond our current options.  We also do not have any variations of any of the parts & accessories listed on our website.

Tabletop: Not included.  You may be able to re-use your existing tabletop if it is within the dimension guidelines.

Modifications: Should you choose to modify any part of the Lagun Table Leg System or its installation, it will void your warranty.

Compatibility: The Lagun Table Leg System is NOT compatible with the round tube style table leg, as the system is only as strong as the bracket installation.  We do not currently offer a floor adapter, however, we have passed this onto our development team.  We're happy to report they are working on it, however, we do not have an ETA on when it will be available at this time.


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Standard Leg System Specifications:

Check out the RESOURCES tab for additional information - including bracket placement tips, adjustment range specifications, tips for handle position selection & lots of useful information to help you decide which system would work best for your application.

  • Total maximum weight is 50 lbs (includes the tabletop and anything placed on top)
  • Maximum tabletop size is 30" X 40" (you may be able to re-use your existing tabletop)
  • From the bottom of the leg to the top of the table mounting plate is 23"
  • The leg has 11 1/2" of slotted groove area to allow for vertical adjustment.
  • The bracket must be within the slotted groove portion of the leg.

Standard Leg System Includes:

Each system includes 4 main parts:

  • 1 Leg
  • 1 Arm
  • 1 Standard Table Mounting Plate (TMP)
  • 1 Standard Bracket w/ Install Option (Bolts Included are Silver Color)


  • Add an extra Bracket to use your system in multiple locations
    • Move your table from inside to outside
    • Extend your countertop space
    • Use your table on a pontoon or boat
    • Add a side table next to the grill
    • Maximize your deck space by mounting your side table
    • The possibilities are endless!

Standard Leg System Parts Breakdown:

Standard Leg

  • Leg Handle position choice: RIGHT side or LEFT side
  • Comes complete with tap and handle (plastic w/ ss insert) installed.
  • Leg End Cap not included. (Available as part of OPTIONAL Cap Kit)


  • Comes complete with 2 bushings, 2 arm end caps and 2 handles (plastic w/ ss insert) installed.
  • NOT Available as part of OPTIONAL Cap Kit

Table Mounting Plate (TMP)

  • 9 7/16” x 7 7/8”
    • DISCONTINUED SIZE: 11 13/16” x 7 7/8”
  • Comes complete with tap installed.
  • TMP End Caps not included. (Available as part of OPTIONAL Cap Kit)

Standard Bracket w/ Install Option

  • Standard Bracket w/ Bolt Kit Click For Specs (Bolts Included are Silver Color)
  • Standard Bracket w/ Hardware Kit (1 Board, 2 Wedges, 4 Stainless Steel Bolts, 4 Nuts, 4 Washers) Click For Specs  (Bolts Included are Silver Color)


  • Includes 1 Leg End Cap & 2 TMP End Caps
    • Arm comes complete with 2 Arm End Caps installed.
    • Extra end caps can be purchased individually under the Parts Tab
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