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The History of Lagun USA

The story of the Lagun table system goes back to the 1980’s – even longer if you consider the background of the founder. Back in the 1980’s in Hasselfors, a small countryside village in Sweden, a young inventor named Magnus Olsson was brainstorming ways to make use of space more efficient in crowded spaces such as RV’s, boats and tiny houses.

Our Story

During the patent searching process, he discovered that similar swiveling concepts originally were already used back in the 1920’s in a less developed way. The main use was for hospital beds.

The village of Hasselfors is located in the very famous area of Bergslagen (central Sweden), the Swedish cradle of iron mills and processing of metals going back over 400 years. Probably even further back to the iron age if you also consider pre-industrial times. Hasselfors is also famous for forging stainless steel products for the boating industry.

Being part of a metal processing influenced culture, it was not a coincidence that Magus found his way to the boating market to begin with. This market is notorious for a space being utilized as a sailing cockpit one minute and next a dining area. He combined a lot of new knowledge (like extruding shaping of aluminum) with smart technical solutions (like the dovetail track for ease of raising and lowering of the table, as well as the machine handles for a quick lock and release function).

Company Growth

As time went on, the market for recreational vehicles was growing rapidly and the need for space saving products became essential. This is when the Lagun table leg really became popular. Magus started to think about how to take care of a growing business and decided to sell. Today, the brand name Lagun & the Lagun table system is a product in the portfolio of Boatsystem Group, a company established in the 1980’s as well. Despite the name, Boatsystem Group is a producer of products for both boating and recreational vehicle markets all over the world.

In 2017, Lagun USA became the exclusive distributor of Lagun table systems for the North American market.

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