Why is There a Choice Between a Left or Right-Hand Leg?

The Leg (vertical part) is available in a Right-Hand or Left-Hand option.  Some customers find they have limited space when installing their Lagun Table Leg and may need the leg handle on a specific side, so we offer two options to accommodate this.  There is no difference in the functionality of the system between the two options, meaning, the system doesn’t pivot to the left or right, per se.

When deciding between the two options, you want to factor in whether or not you will be able to adjust the system up/down without encountering obstacles that could potentially break the handle.  This decision has nothing to do with which side of your Van/RV/Boat you are mounting the bracket.  Here are some questions to ponder to help you make your decision:

      • If you are adjusting your system down, are there any trim pieces or ledges in the way?
      • When you are adjusting your system up, is there a knob or a hinge in the way?
      • Which side of the leg will you be sitting on?  Do you want to be able to adjust the leg from here?
      • If you are moving your system from inside to outside, will there be a wheel well or a door hinge in the way?
      • Are you mounting your bracket in a corner?  Which side of the leg would the handle make more sense to be on?

If you are installing your system in an open area with no objects in the way, your decision could be as simple as which hand do you want to use to tighten/loosen the handle?


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