The Longer Leg is considered a specialty leg because it is too long for most applications.  It is 8″ longer than the Standard Leg but has the same adjustment range: 6″ up or 6″ down.  The Longer Leg would be ideal in a situation where the bracket was being mounted below the floor level (see photo below).

longer leg blogWhen determining whether or not you need the extra 8″ height, don’t forget to take into consideration how far off the floor the bracket will be mounted.  This distance will increase the overall height of the system.

For comparison, the classic tube/pedestal style table legs that are mounted in the floor typically range from 29 1/2″ to 31 1/2″.  The Lagun Longer Leg is 31″ from the bottom of the leg to the top of the table mounting plate.  When taking into consideration the Lagun Bracket is mounted above the floor, it makes the Longer Leg taller than a pedestal style leg.

Here are a couple scenarios:

    • If the bottom of the bracket is installed at the base of the floor, the Longer Leg system would be about the same height as a floor mounted table leg.  This bracket placement wouldn’t allow for any adjustment down (as the leg would already be at the floor) & would make the Longer Leg approximately 36″ when adjusted up.
    • If the bottom of the bracket was installed 8″ above the floor level, the Standard Leg system would reach the same height as the Longer Leg, while also allowing for adjustment down.

Leg options - blogLonger Leg Quick Facts:

  • From the bottom of the leg to the top of the table mounting plate is 31”.  This measurement plus the thickness of the tabletop would be the minimum height the leg could be adjusted to.  *Don’t forget to take into account how many inches off the ground the bracket is mounted!
  • The Longer Leg is 8” longer than the Standard Leg.
  • The Longer Leg has the same slotted groove length (adjustment range) as the Standard Leg (11 ½”).  This means even though it is longer, you can still only adjust the Longer Leg 6” up or 6” down.
    • If more adjustment range is needed, the Double Handled Leg would be a better alternative.  It has an adjustment range of 6″ up or 11 1/2″ down (slotted groove length of 17 1/2″).
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