Handle Kit – Plastic w/ Stainless Steel Insert


  • 1 Handle (Salt Air Approved)
  • 1 Stainless Steel Bolt
  • 1 Washer

Handle Replacement Instructions:

  • Use a rag to protect the arm/leg & secure in a vice or similar device.
  • Using a hacksaw or a similar tool, use slow even strokes to cut the handle or bolt
  • Tap out the old bolt
  • Remove end caps (if applicable)
  • Install a wooden block inside the end of the leg/arm.  Make sure the block is relatively tight, so the aluminum does not get compressed.  The block should be right next to the hole the bolt is going to be re-inserted into.
    • This MUST be done so you do not cause the aluminum to become distorted, thereby ruining the function of the leg/arm.
  • Install new bolt, washer and handle
    • Loctite anti-seize for stainless steel may be applied
  • Remove wooden block
  • Install end caps (if applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have the ability to customize the Lagun Table Leg System beyond our current options. We also do not have any variations of any of the accessories listed on our website. Should you choose to modify any part of the Lagun Table Leg System or its installation, it will void your warranty. The Lagun Table Leg System is NOT compatible with the round tube style table leg, as the system is only as strong as the bracket installation.

CAUTION!! The "Original Lagun" parts are NOT compatible with the knockoff systems.

Additional information

Leg Handle Position

Right Side of Leg, Left Side of Leg

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