Which Bracket Option Should I Choose?

The most important thing is bracket placement – as the system is only as stable as the bracket installation.  Deciding which leg style to use depends on where you mount the bracket.  Leg style selection plus picking the right height to install the bracket is crucial for how the Lagun Table Leg system will function for your specific situation.

There are 2 Bracket Options to Choose From:

    1. Sliver Bracket – a new option in 2022.  This sleek bracket creates an “invisible” look, as it is hidden behind the leg.  It has 3 holes for installation & measures 1 3/16″ X 6 11/16″.
    2. Standard Bracket – the original bracket that has been around for years.  It has 4 holes for installation & measures 3 1/2″ X 6 11/16″.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which bracket would work best for your application:

    • The bracket must be installed on a solid vertical surface.  A piece of paneling or fiberglass would not be sufficient.
    • If mounting the bracket flush to the vertical surface, you will need to shim the bracket out at least 1” to allow the arm to swivel.  There is 7/8” overlap at the arm & leg connection point & if you install the bracket flush to the wall, there will not be enough clearance for the arm to pivot.
    • At least 1” of the leg groove must be tightened onto the bracket.  The more of the leg on the bracket, the more stable the system.  This is something to consider when deciding what height to install the bracket.
    • Since the Lagun Table Leg system is not mounted to the floor, how far you choose to mount the bracket above the floor line will add to your overall table system height.

Additional Brackets

Don’t forget – with the versitility of the Lagun Table Leg System, you may want to use your system indoors, outdoors or even on your boat!  Instead of buying a whole extra system, you can simply add an addtional bracket to your order & use the same system in multiple locations.

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