Ideas for Where to Install a Lagun Table

Lagun table leg systems can be installed in so many places. You may be surprised by how versatile Lagun table leg systems are. Here are some of the many places you may find a Lagun table leg system.

    • Boats: Lagun table legs can be installed on a boat, giving you a stable surface for eating, fishing or playing games. A bulkhead in open-hull boats, or the structure beneath the seats on a pontoon or deck boat might be a great place to install your Lagun table system. See Lagun table installation considerations.
    • RVs, Vans & Pickup Campers: Lagun table legs are ideal for a tabletop that can be moved to different areas or configured for different uses. Lagun table systems are versatile, yet sturdy, without adding much weight, making them ideal for RV use. Because the table leg can be easily removed and reassembled, campers are great places to install your Lagun table leg system. Make sure the area you choose is solid enough to support the weight of the tabletop plus anything you place on it (up to 50 lbs). You don’t want to install the Lagun system to thin or flimsy walls or cabinetry.  Whether you have a Class A, Class B, or Class C Motorhome, Pickup Camper, Travel Trailer, Tent Trailer, Pop-Up Camper or any other RV, the possibilities are endless.
    • Apartments: Adding extra table or desk space to a smaller apartment can be a great use of a Lagun table leg system. Extend a countertop, utilize it as a desk, or give yourself a space-saving end table in any room.
    • Tiny Homes: Tiny homes are all about efficient use of space, and a Lagun table leg system assists well. Multiple Lagun brackets throughout a tiny home allows you to move your tabletop with you for whatever you need. Anywhere you have a solid, vertical space, could be an ideal place for a desk top or tabletop.
    • Outdoor Spaces: Add a bracket to an outdoor patio, deck, or to your boat dock for a quick tabletop space for bait and tackle, grilling utensils, playing games, or a surface for food and drinks.

Considerations for Where to Install Your Lagun Table System

While there are countless ideas for where you could install your Lagun system, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to install your Lagun system just anywhere. To be happy with your Lagun table system installation, there are a couple things you’ll want to consider.

    • Install Your Lagun Table System Vertically:  The Lagun table leg system was designed to provide more leg room by replacing the classic round pedestal table leg.  By mounting the table leg to a vertical surface, your floor space is opened up, creating a larger walkway.
    • Install Your Lagun Table System to a Solid Surface:  Consider how strong the surface you’re mounting your table system to is. If flimsy cabinets, thin tin pontoon gates, or plastic deck boat structures could bend, splinter or warp, you will want to avoid installing your bracket there. You wouldn’t be happy with your Lagun table system if it were leaning or pulling away from the wall, and you could cause damage to your boat, van, camper, or RV.
    • Install Your Lagun System so there is Room to Raise or Lower the Table:  If you install your Lagun table system too close to the ground, you may not be able to lower the table when needed because the leg will hit the floor. If you install the system too high, you may not be able to adjust the system low enough to obtain a comfortable height.  You will want to find a height to mount the bracket that makes best use of the adjustment range (based on leg option selected). The slotted groove on the backside of the leg is your adjustment range. Consider obstacles in the path of the adjustment area that the leg handle could potentially run into.  You’ll be happiest with your installation if the bracket is installed at the correct height so there is room for your table to slide up or down, taking advantage of the full adjustment range.
    • Install Your Lagun System so the Tabletop has Room to Swivel:  While the Lagun table system is excellent for walls and tight spaces, be sure give it enough room to allow your Lagun table to swivel.  When mounting the Lagun table system flush to a wall or vertical surface, shim it out one inch. This additional space will give the arm enough room to swivel on the leg. You will also want to stay away from spaces that are too tight against other obstacles. Consider how the tabletop will swing into or out of place before installing the table leg system.

How Important is the Decision Where to Place Your Lagun Table?

Where you install your Lagun table system will have a lot to do with how happy you are with it. If you choose a solid, vertical surface and give the table enough room to adjust up or down and swivel, we are confident you will love your Lagun table leg system.

One Final Piece of Advice

Always remember: The Lagun table system is only as strong as the bracket installation so take a few extra minutes to factor in all variables when deciding where to install the bracket.

To order a table leg system or parts, see our Lagun website.

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