The Original Lagun system has been around for over 40 years & the tolerances have been perfected to allow the system to work for many years to come.  The Original Lagun originated in Sweden.  Lagun USA assembles the systems in the USA, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

Anodized aluminum is meant for longevity, whereas the painted version will either scrape off and not hold the weight of the system or the uneven painted coating will cause the sliding parts to become stuck together.  Let’s take a look at some other key features the Original Lagun offers:

Real Anodized Aluminum

Real Anodized aluminum can be used indoors or outdoors, giving you the option to add a second bracket to the exterior of your van/RV & allowing one table leg system to be used in multiple locations.

The knockoffs are painted versions that will scrape easily, look unsightly and lose their working tolerance.  Thus, becoming a non-functioning item with time.

Handle Comparison

Lagun handle bolts are pressed in by machine to hold for a long period of time.  The handles can be repositioned once the system is in the desired position.

Lagun bolts are #4 stainless steel with anti-seize applied to each bolt before the handle is installed for over a year now, thus eliminating all concerns of seized handles.

The knockoff version is either designed to draw the bolt in with pressure while screwing the handle on for the first time or uses a flip lock handle (similar to a bicycle seat) that is not able to be repositioned, thus causing the consumer to have to decide between the system being loose or overtightening / stripping out the handle/bolt.

End Caps

Lagun arm endcaps are made out of a special plastic that stays in place.  Our Swedish supplier advised us it took them 40 years to master.  New this year Lagun now offers end caps for the table mounting plate and leg, so they do not have a hollow end.  This creates a more finished looking product.

The knockoff arm caps are made of a more rubbery material and don’t stay in place, falling out or becoming distorted when the arm is tightened.


Lagun bushings are pressed in by machine.  They are also made out of a special plastic that has been perfected to allow some flexibility.

The knockoff bushings are also made out of plastic but do not allow any flex, causing them to crack easily.

More Options & Versatility

The Original Lagun system has many options, making it more versatile.  There are multiple leg styles to choose from (standard, longer or double handled), as well as two mounting bracket options (standard or sliver).  You can use one system in multiple locations by adding an additional bracket.

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