*Photo below features a standard leg system upfitted by Sandy Vans in California*

The Lagun Table Leg System was designed to mount to a solid vertical surface.  Being able to mount the bracket to a vertical surface, such as a wall or bench seat, has many benefits:

    • Opens up floor space.
    • Removes the tripping hazard of a table leg hub in the floor.
    • Increases leg room in spaces where every inch matters.

Another benefit to removing the traditionally used pedestal / tube style table leg is cleanliness.  No more sweeping around a pole or vacuuming debris out of the floor hub.

While there are some floor adapters that are being used with the Lagun system, none of them are Original Lagun brand parts.  We have had lots of inquiries regarding these adapters & are aware of the need for such a part, so we have passed the idea onto our developers.

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